How I add a word

Oct. 11, 2021

I'm aiming to be a little more consistent in adding words, maybe not daily but no more month long gaps. It's a fairly simple process, so I should be able to keep it up.

Here are the steps I take:

  1. Choose a word to add
    1. Initially I went through the evergreen keywords at
    2. Currently I'm going through the card types
  2. Find an appropriate card to use as an example on Scryfall
    1. For the keywords I tried to find the first card which existed which had the word, no other abilities, and had both English and Japanese versions
    2. For the card types I'm just using the first card I think of
  3. Use the Japanese text at Scryfall for my translation
  4. Download the English and Japanese card images (I could probably automate this to automatically pull in the cards without me needing to download the images first)
  5. Look up if the word exists at If it does, the site will automatically generate the dictionary link
  6. If I couldn't find the word, look it up at
  7. Use one of the sites above to find the hiragana or katakana
  8. Enter all of the above, plus my attempt at romanisation into the site
  9. On publish, page is added to the site and the post automatically gets added to
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